Auto,Motor & Sport 1987

That Thema 8,32, which is in Italy at present (March 1987)

truly a topic, marks its guide roller with love-worth

dezenter elegance. Its size is not with scarcely 4.60 meters

a question of the dimension, its suit has the same cut as

those the civil Thema and Chroma. There is more

the Accessoires, which signal fine type of nature to the eye.

Outward is limited purely to two brush lines lengthwise and

a record the light alloy wheels, over whose form a breath of

Ferrari is situated.


Those carry the name Campagnolo not coincidentally,

because that is one of the holy labels of Italy. In a country,

which is as Roman catholic just as cycle racing-possessed,

the provider of all, which step world masterfully

or also fewer into the pedals, has inevitably absolute

value compared with such rather subtle status features

works the Flic Flac spoiler at the tail like a piece from

the requist-room of the Opera Buffa, the amusing opera. It

embodies the selective challenge at humans of style

and world, a simple, to let spoilerless

luggage-lid install. inside light quality is anyway

the luring Parfum of the Lancia topic 8.32.


Outside there are only

the three numbers separated by one point, an encoded

message, a formula with eight cylinders and 32 valves, which

trueful for the knowing in the result of the magic word

FERRARI is opened. Lancia by Ferrari to read, is not vergoennt

the Gaffern at the way. This sight remains only

for working humans, who service-station attendant permits

with the oil check .


Also behind its doors is this Lancia no more normal

Thema. Here urge itself the according to rank features

automobiles of the top layer very many more decided in the picture.

As everywhere in the world the symbol-basic items are

leathers and wood, but their elaboration shows unique

Italian style feeling. The represaentativen materials do not win

here the upper hand.


They give only what substantial the Italians mechanic-fallen

in love consider, the rich information offer, by a

multiplicity of rather small instruments one the

pricecategory appropriate framework.

Speedometers and tachometers show such a degree on

their scales to fine-mechanical playfulness, which turn out

the clarity almost to the secondary matter.

 hand01_up.gif above continue


The pad references want to spoil with the flattering pavement grip

of game leather. But the absence of the appropriate

smell note in the auto makes it suspicious to be from the trunk

of the plastics and Elaste which indeed also the truth is. There

game leather pretending material is called Alcantara. Is not

cheaper drum than the natural product, can however with brush,

water and soap be cleaned and therefore is by reproducible



Who wants nevertheless genuine leather, this does not get

at the same price, but just as duftigund smoothly as with

Mercedes. Finally it is by same supplier.As the group

of seats to be also referred always may, the Lancia Thema is

a pleasant residence for four travelers, who are not in

furthermore distance here together, in addition, no cause

have to complain about a lack at workstation.


But one understands to there-land it with seductive

perfection to raise an engine to the synthesis of the arts. It is

alone already a benefit of regarding this Ferrari machine on

their workstation. With their broad, webbed air collecting

tank, which arranged flat black valve covers over

altogether four cam shafts and in affectionate order  red

ignition cables. And like with three the litres capacity rather

small eight-cylinders after starting sound always gives,

hate symphonics courses. The gas changes sound here with

increasing load and number of revolutions rumble as with the classical V8.


That is connected with an internal transformation of the

 Ferrari engine , which has a crankshaft with 90 degrees

of offset in the Lancia. The new wave reduces the free

mass forces and makes the engine "more sedan-like".

But however the two times four cylinders in the V ignite no

more with the original uniformity one on the right,

one left, but also times two on the right, one left or

in reverse. And exactly that is the cause of that

sympathetic brabble. The Lancia machine of Ferrari

is considered as a tame version of the more more full

of seeds unit in the Ferrari 308. Approximately 25 HP were misplaced with this run culture revolution.


But the torque was allowed to add 25 Newtonmeters.

Anyhow the data are to patient paper in such a way on that

all time and let fear that a running horse diminished to

the draught horse. But this sad experience cannot

be made in practice. The number combination 8,32 does not

result in no more and fewer than one  blow and research sportsmotor, which turn out its highest output of 215 HP (158 KW)

with 6750/min. developed and with all power over the 7000.

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