Auto Motor & Sport 1986

8.32 im Test

It lets the usually-built Ferrari-V8 set in into its

ambition project Lancia Thema. From the fastidious travel

sedan becomes so the Gran Turismo Thema 8,32, to which

numeric barriers protect exclusivity. Because the manufaktur

Maranello cannot supply any more than

1200 engines per year, the noble Ferrari sedans

 in the Lancia dress of more greediness

are to wake, than is fulfillable; and the price will

 perhaps prevent that buyers come into unwanted society.


Lancia in F major. F for Ferrari.

Dur for hard, maskulin, sporty?

Ferrari engineers taught their brightly screeming,

to hectic three-litre eight-cylinder from the best-seller 308

GTB Quattrovalvole manners, which fit into the fine

world, into which that Thema 8,32 push. A few muscles

thereby were train up. With 215 HP with 6750/min. the

4valves-V8 delivers today 25 horse power fewer

than in its earlier environment is however still enough

for the by far highest performance to bear

the any front drive built at present hat.


And it vibrates its forces leave out. With 285 Nm

a clearly more sumptuous torque is for order than

in the Ferrari (260Nm),and this with 4500/min. already

500 routes in former times.The re-education of the V8

from the Ferrari two-seater for the service in the noble

 Thema 8,32 did not go off without profound modification.

A new crankshaft with offsets in the 90 degree brings

even ignition distances and with it substantially reduced free

mass forces. The run culture could be adapted clearly

to the requirement, which the 8.32-Interpretation of luxury

and sportsmanship places opposite the Ur-Ferrari improved,

the character.


Flags of the full aluminum engine, whose sonores

Auspuffbrabbeln in the no-load operation exposes the

genuine eight-cylinder acoustically,are short stroke

and cylinder liners with nickel silicon coating.

A toothed belt drives the four overhead cam shafts.

A KE3-Jetronic from Bosch takes over the mixture

preparation.Longer syphons of the valve impulse

with domesticated control times and easily reduced

valve stroke, designed for improved passages, lead

to the addressed performance renouncement.

However it benefits fine manners.


How the front wheel drive with a performance becomes

finished, which is situated far beyond the boundaries,

which one still believes to propelled front wheels

today still believes expect to be allowed?

Still stronger samples of this type from the

seventies, the Americans old mobile Tornado and

Cadillac Eldorado, could not never convince and

become from good reason any more built. And also

contemporaries like the Saab 9000 turbo with its 175 HP

could not open new possibilities.


These Thema 8,32 however wants to get along without a most

complicated electronic drive slip regulation and also

without the all-wheel drive publicised up-to-date for

high speed auto, which will not be with the Thema 1989 ago forthcoming.

 The Thema 8,32 comes first weakness be useful,

which is occasionally held against winding up V8-motors

as sports car drive:

They go not immediately heartful to

the thing, need something start, with the Thema-V8

 to approximately 400/min.,

before the right smoke zone is achieved.

 hand01_up.gif above continue


Also 54 kilograms more engine weights on the front axle than

with 165 the HP Thema turbo fall in the weight. Not least

the new Servotronic steering element of ZF works doing good.

The fact that with the strongest, most fastidious, most expensive Lancia Thema only the front wheels are propelled remains

nevertheless always noticeable.

 In typical Frontdrive

manners it bends December ducks with fast driving along

curves to the understeer, load change acknowledges it

with easy inside turn into the curve. So mannerly and

handily 8,32 however against justified expectation

also the behaviour who creates itself it when starting or

out accelerating from curve to let the front wheels rev up

that has at any time success.


Typically for Lancia the four individually hung up wheels

are so tautly fitted with springs that particularly

short surface irregularities do not remain unnoticed.

The Goodyear Eagle broad tire, according to Lancia

specification particularly for this type developed, underlines

by hard unreeling rather still the impression of reduced

comfort within this area.

 Long bumps against it

the complex chassis pariert supply, although with the three

series forerunners, with whom AMS made acquaintance,

the reflection loss too softly worked. In for a long time lasting

the discussion around more comfort or more active driving probably became generally accepted

the Moll against the Dur parliamentary group.


 The chassis conception was adapted to 50 HP of increased

output, which body front's building reinforces by the Thema turbo taken over, in substantial points however.

One selected this step also with the brakes. The front

brake disks grew in diameter and thickness, which

became brake booster increased, and as the first Italian

sedan that has Thema 8,32 a bosch ABS as

standard.More as only mummery for Kir Royal

customers is according to Lancia opinion a tail spoiler

on the trunk lid, which can be brought in over a rotary

switch at the steering column aus-und.


 The driven out spoiler is to lower the cw-value

of 0,33 to 0,318 after wind tunnel measurements.

That is called with driven out tail spoiler

presses with 140 km/h 12 additional kilograms on the tail,

with 220 km/h is it already 30.6 kilograms.


Cylinder in the figure eight luggage, more than two and a

half dozen of valves in the play and over two-groups

of one hundred HP at the work, 240 km/h maximum

speed, 6.8 sec. of 0 to 100 km/h such numberstaccato is in

80000, DM society, into which that strives Thema 8,32,

the standard. BMW M5, a Sevener, a Jaguar

bellow itself with comparable data and characteristic

self-sufficiency around the same clientele.

 The special must constitute it thus.


Finally Lancia promises still special, what can lure

the Freak: "each customer knows the car after measure

manufactures to leave and with the output stages of

production in the factory San Paolo watch.

It can inform from the technicians and testers, who

submit to the 8,32 before the distribution a strassentest,

about its auto leaves." With the holy one Paul that will give

a lift, if those wins annually 1200 desired customers

the old Lancia factory at the via Vincenzo Lancia

until its unique can be really delivered.






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