Auto-Bild 1988


Introduce themselves they: They sit in a Mercedes of the

s-class, turn the ignition key -

and from the exhaust hoarse roaring of the

Porsche-911-Motors roars. With it the Aha experience only

can be compared, which the Lancia Thema 8,32 holds

ready for each a riser. Which awakes there

under the hood to the life, does not originate

from the engine component system from Fiats.

With sonorem sound announces itself a power station,

whose sound goes to the fans such as music

in the ears. There eight cylinders are artificially respirated

over 32 valves - in a tone quality, as one produces

 them only in Maranello.


As creators of the composition draw Ferrari engineers,

who throttled for the new Lancia flagship 270 HP strong

engine Ferrari 328 on an output of 215 horse power,

in order to cultivate him thereby for the application in a

luxury sedan.

Their success cannot only hear itself leaves, also

optically turned out the Nobel engine to the eye pasture.

Each oil check causes small spectator on runs.


Still more impressively however is the type, in which that

can be done scarcely three

litres large unit to the thing. Already with comparatively

meager 3000 crankshaft revolutions so much strength comes  

from the number of revolutions cellar that one feel

oneself rather in a sports car as in 1400 Kilos

a heavy region sedan.

The addition comes, if the needle of the tachometer exceeds

the 4500er label. The sedan becomes the racer,

the propulsion presses the passengers into the seats,

and the driver comes in the lower courses hardly

with connects at the outlet side.


The acceleration of 0 to 100, promised by the factory, km/h

in 6.8 seconds appears realistically and all the

more impressively, as the Ferrari completes 328 GTB

this Sprint only 0.4 seconds faster.


Even in the fifth course the thrust is still considerable,

and the end de flagstaff approaches only if those is

to TAC hone aristocracy already beyond the 240.

During so much performance the question arises

whether the front wheel drive is not overtaxed with it.

The response reads: no.


The Fahrweksabstimmer with Lancia created it to instill

to the topic 8,32 a handling which is at least of equal birth

that of the strongest German frontdrive - the AUDI 200

turbo -. Bumps in fast driven curves

do not bring the Thema from the track. And who too fast concern

lets it, can go also in the curve from the gas, without having

to count on malicious reactions.


But for lawn is that probable scarcely 90000, - DM expensive

Lancia with Ferrari heart anyway meant. The contrast

in the cockpit - leather steering wheel and rare woodwainscoted instrument panel - make clear:


That Thema 8,32 is an auto for people,

the sport and luxury together unites and in addition still their

family carry want.


Otherwise they could buy - for 30000, - DM more - also

directly a Ferrari.

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