Hallo,here I am

Das bin ich.

I called Nicole, constellation "water man"(german: Sternzeichen) and february 1976 birth.


Like you already easily to detect know I are female and total cars and

engine sport fan. Mainly I like Italian vehicles, those am exotic or

very rarely (like the 8,32). There naturally also Italian meal and many

"Espressi" belongs to.


To say whats so still to my person?

Are a "kauffrau", dear teddies, in my sparetime makes music, drives a Kart running (100ccm 30PS) and drive Hillracing with an Autobianchi A112 and sometimes with an Fiat Abarth 1000 TC.

and screws. Property also this HP completely without previous knowledge


Which I find at the Thema 8,32 super, is actually main, which does not put

it assumed which under the hood.

In addition, the sound, the performance and the whole Gimmiks


My two cats Poldi and Grauratz.

Poldi  Grauratz

My 8.32:

The racing cars



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