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At first sight if necessary its colour is exciting. And also only, if the Lancia Thema 8,32, which it concerns, is painted in that lighting up red, belongs with certain automobiles from the northItalian Modena to the painting of standard. But already the second view pulls the brows toward hatbrim: Behind the leather-referred steering wheel eight round instruments, embedded in a precious root timber panel, flash border from smelling leather, which expands up to the cowls and emergency brake, shift lever and also the sumptuous armchair re-clamps.

There the hand accesses completely automatically to the small lever beside the steering column, which the hood unlocks. Because if at all, then the response to all questions placing now can be situated itself only here hidden. And there it is situated already, the close engine compartment pours formally over of it: a crosswise inserted eight-cylinder with enormous air collecting costs from light alloy, on which three serious words are: Lancia by Ferrari.

There grow dusky, which meant the mysterious number combination behind the Thema signatures at bug, tail and the pages of the Italian sedan:  the number of the cylinders and those of the valves calls 8.32. A V8-Ferrari-Motor thus. Completely from light alloy, with four overhead cam shafts, one mechanical/electronic fuel injection and four valves per cylinder. In its capacity 215 HP rot themselves together.

 It originates from the former Ferrari 308 GTBi with the wonderful addition designation Quattrovalvole, however in favor of the torque in the rated output by 25 HP was reduced.In the flat central engine port car the V8 gebaerdete itself like a screaming monster, who drove an army of drakonkiller into the tightness. Completely differently it behaves in the Lancia Thema 8.32. A stroking unit for the accelerotor pedal, and the tachometer snaps upward like a grass hop in view of a shrub fire.

As completely far away, quietly and unobstrusively, thereby typical Ferrari howling straight line sounds as loud, as it about five kilometers before Fiorano, where the Ferrari formula 1-Renner is to be heard on the internal test track tummeln. Wonderful gently the first course slips purely, soft moves the clutch, and with hardly more than with idling speed starts moving the fire-red Thema.

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One cannot wait for it at all to be able to test the tremendous turning willingness Ferrari engine and surprises itself at each traffic light with the play with the accelerotor pedal. Occasionally fear for question:"How becomes the frontdrive with the tremendous performance finished?"One hour later is clarified everything: The Thema Ferrari is able to draw with the front wheels 30 meters long lines on the bitumen but the driving powers do not tear with driving along curves at the steering wheel, let alone the auto to the curve outer edge. In the opposite: as is the case for a reardriveone lurk constantly on the fact that it comes around sometime slowly with the rear spar and. It does not come however, but as willingly as a central engine auto follows the steering angle, points inclination neither to top-heaviness nor to load change reactions.

No doubt: The Lancia of chassis engineers achieved a masterpiece here. The front and rear wheel guidance of the Lancia Thema were not changed in principle. The shock struts got longer feathers/springs and strengthened steering wheels. Stabilizers and shock absorbers were again laid out. Certainly also special attention was dedicated to the brake assembly. The front ventilated  Disks were increased on 284 mm in diameter. The brake calipers have particularly large linings. On 9 inch of increased brake boosters keeps the pressure on the pedal low despite larger lining surfaces. In addition a bosch ABS is used.To the good driving feeling certainly also the electronic steering element contributes. It concerns itself thereby around a Servotronic steering element of ZF, how it is available also in the new filter he BMW.

In the comparison to the conventional power steering the guidance force support is adjusted here not of the motr-rpm, but over Tacho sensors of the rate. That means: While stationary very easy ranking, bie of fast and fastest travel ever better feeling for the straight line discharge and the components, which affect the front wheels.In addition, occasionally the completely large schau took place, about, as if the fine gentleman would suddenly show Dracula teeth in the frack its. Like a Vampir from its coffin, then from the baggage compartment cover slowly a spoiler rose into the wind.

It is to improve the directional stability. Originally one that he drives out automatically with for instance 120km/h, wanted to let decide the driver. So one can lift and sink the wind control unit over the windshield wiper lever, when it pleases. The two electric motors sit under the baggage compartment door in a black box, which limits the capacity of the Themarope drawer only insignificantly.

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