MOT 1989

The large Lancia had to get four years after the first conception a revitalization, in order to be able to exist not least against the company internal competition, the Alfa 164.

The new optics is noticeable, is not nevertheless not so drastic that owners of older cars could feel snubbed.That Thema 8,32 with the 3L-V8-Motor from Ferrari kept the past wheels in the special Design, however also the new grill and the modified headlights received.Inside many points of criticism of the first model series (conception in October 1984) were completed.

The belts for the front seats are now in the height adjustable. For the Thema 8,32 finally the Kat age starts also in Germany (beforehand only in Austria and Switzerland). The exhaustcleaned Ferrari-V8-Motor carries out 151 KW (205 HP) - instead of on the anyway first-class road performances only slightly out: Point 233 km/h, o to 100 km(h in 7,5 sec.


Only a short window from the newspaper, since it concerns the whole Thema model series.

With 8.32 altogether only very few changed.

(Quelle:Pressetext MOT 1988)


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