Rally Racing 1988


The luxury sedans of the recent generation spoil its passengers. With sumptuous available space and much HP they make for long routes the pleasure. Beside the dezent elegant more r that works topic almost conventionally and good. Actually not at all so, as one imagines an Italian car - and then still one with a Ferrari engine under the hood -. These impressions continue in the interior. The BMW captivates by clear lines, clear Instumente and absolutely immaculate processing. Its styling Interieur is so perfectly structured that it appears already almost boring. All levers and buttons are situated, where they belong.With the Lancia gives already rather which too grumble.

The small, badly readable instruments are distributed over the whole instrument panel. Between them pushbuttons and control lights are situated in apparently indiscriminate disorder. The placement of the levers for turn signals and light is a zumutung. They lie together so closely that one keeps usually both simultaneous in the hand. However - boringly gets in the Lancia never. There is something new to discover always. To the rehabilitation of the feudalItalian it must be however said that the dwelling - speak passenger compartment - quite puts on. Lightbeige

Alcantara and noble Funierwood, where the delicate eye looks. Spreads central arm rests and consents seats load to longer routes . Even on the rear seat nobody needs to einzuschraenlen itself .The Bavarian - in the basic equipment it offers inside unfortunately only material and each quantity workstation. And long journeys are for r drivers only quite no problem. The interior noises, even over 180 km/h, are so small in the 53 that one should continual have the Tacho in the eye, in order to lose not the reference to the well-known formula - high equal external noise high driving speed -.

Even with speed 130 still singing the tires is to be heard on rough bitumen. Completely different on the other hand it the Lancia. It leaves its sharings at the wind noises, which rave outside of the protected compartment around the wuchtige body to passengers. Beyond of 120 things one must lift the voice a little, in order at the rear workstations to be understood perfectly. In addition still the full of seeds sound of engine comes.Above four thousand revolutions roar the 215 Ferrari horses desireful on the noise are simply a benefit, and it compensate  easily for the din at the side windows. Also drivers, otherwise rather for quiet, supple unit swarms, must recognize envyless: That has which!Unfortunately down not very much does with the light alloy engine with 32 valves, built by Ferrari.

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The engine coming from the Ferrari 308 works somehow course-tied, castrate. no wonders, had it for the application in the sedan strongly to be changed nevertheless. Another crankshaft, 200 ccm fewer capacity and only 215 instead of 270 HP making itself stop noticeably. Additionally the Lancia topic with 1400 kg unloaded weight is heavier than the Ferrari. Likewise no lightweight is the BMW it empty still weighs over 100 kg more than its rival from Italy.Unanimity prevailed also with more quick curve-drives.

 Both sedans, both the front and the reardrive, shifted over the front wheels to the curve outer edge. This so-called understeer might help the normal driver in critical situations at most, because on dry background the vehicle brakes itself over the hit front wheels. Who goes to a situation into such however all too violently from the gas, must count with the Lancia rather as with the BMW of its tail to be overhauled.While the Bavarian is situated usually calmly and like a board on the road, the body of the Lancia in close turns leans extremely to the page. Unfortunately also the straight ahead run of the Italian lets require much  remaining. Even without trackgroove or cross-wind the driver may hardly touch the sensitive power steering. Repeated attempts with by rotary button extendable tail spoiler did not bring also beyond of 220 km/h a considerable stability gain.

The Lancia, in the basic tuning more softly than his competitor, bears the short impacts substantially worse. Against 2200 Marks extra costs offer the Italians an electronically regulated chassis with two selectable tunings. Over keys in the instrument panel then also a sporty adjustment of suspension and absorption can be programmed. What otherwise still belongs to a perfect travel car? A door central interlock, a solenoid operated window lifter, ABS and power steering naturally, in our two test cars of everything in series contain.

The Lancia continues even still somewhat: Its front seats are electrically adjustable and heatable. Additionally belong the Alcantara interior equipment, light alloy wheels as well as the air conditioning system likewise to the series. As much luxury has its price. the Lancia Thema 8,32 in the loading costs 72600 Marks. The BMW, however equipped with other light alloy wheels than our test car,  is to be had for only 62000 Marks.Thus the agony of the selection is actually small quite.

Certainly: For people, which already drove everything and which are value on exclusivity to put, the Lancia sold in only small number of items probably a topic. The stressed many driver, who must on weekend also its family transport, should however rather access to the BMW.

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