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Ferrari-drive becomes almost already popular. An exclusive Lancia Thema with the V8 from the Ferrari 328 GTB makespossible. But also in the Lancia a Ferrari remains a Ferrari.Always a somewhat elitaere mating ritual was too own to the aristocracy: One remains gladly under its-same. Contrary to results of human efforts in this regard this custom leads with noble automobiles to uncommonly delightful results.

The new Lancia Thema, which hides a Ferrari engine behind the inconspicuous designation 8,32, is of it a beautiful example. It is for the caste of the potent luxury automobiles an enriching, from which Vincenzo Lancia would probably have had its bright joy. Because nothing loved the firm founder more to build than noble auto of simple form which was full-packed under the inconspicuous covering with unorthodox technical ideas.

Owing to Ferrari power the Lancia 8,32 can book equal several superlative for itself:With 215 HP for approximately 240 km/h maximum speed is it the fastest and strongest sedan with front wheel drive. No other series sedan has a crosswise inserted V8-Motor with four-valve headings.

That itself Lancia  this engine with Ferrari out-borrowed, but has in the history of the two Italian labels tradition is not particularly rather active. Before 31 years Ferrari of Lancia took over a V8 and in addition the whole auto. And with this Lancia Ferrai D50 Juan Manuel Fangio became 1956 Formel1-worldchampion.In the seventies Ferrari took itself revenge and left to Lancia the 2,4-Liter-Dino-V6-Motor, which was lifted once as a successor Lancia formula of the 1-V8 from the baptism.

And Lancia and Bertone formed the to date ultimative Rallye animal, the Stratos, a provisional camouflaged racing-car around this engine to win to nothing different one built, than Rallyes That Thema 8,32 rings for Lancia likewise a new age the return to the elitaer circle of the exclusive European car, the requirement on a top place. The 8,32 is thus the embodiment of the new Italian self-confident unity, which grew from the futuristic Y10 over the delta 4WD logically and carefully.

Now it was certainly not done with a simple grasp in the Ferrari shelf, in order to come at one the most beautiful V8-Motoren at all. Because the engine Ferrari 328 is not like that easily sedan-suited. For the assertion it requires a small trip into the high school of the V8-Motorbuilding.Only a V8 can combine many cylinders and much capacity with the overall length of a series four-cylinder and its smaller space requirement. From it result a short, number of revolutions-fixed crankshaft, a rigid engine mount and a smaller weight, which are even still under the comparable series six cylinder.

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The most famous and most successful V8 of all times, zhe Cosworth-Formel-1-Motor, has such a flat crankshaft. And it makes also equal the largest disadvantage clear this design, because it wear down its pilots with nerve-killing vibrations.Since it depends fewer at sedans on the maximum performance than on sumptuous torque, the Lancia Ingenieurs took care of particularly intimately the respiratory organs of the ultramodern Vierventilers. Visible character are the eight are enough syphons, finely clean in the cylinder v into one another-folded and from plaited work supported, which proves again once that engine construction is committed in Italy always also to the aesthetics and not only the appropriateness.

 Finally one knows oneself in that Tradition of a Michelangelo and a Leonardo da Vinci. The wattlework from syphons gives the Lancia Ferrari its unmistakable impression. Who believes now, in the Lancia 8,32 a soft-rinsed Ferrari engine of the sort softly providedto get, sees itself disappointed on the most pleasant. Also with braked foam the unit remains a genuine Ferrari, and that is well like that. 215 HP belong without a doubt to the strongest sort and acceleration that nevertheless to 1400kg heavy Thema so seriously and vehement over the roads that other sedans of this kind might let gentle doubts about their motorizing well arise.A Ferrari a Ferrari remains fast clear, also with differently bent crankshaft, makes the V8 in the Lancia. It remained a sport engine, with a strong run-sporty impact.

At low numbers of revolutions humming ELT it fullly and contently like a delicate Italian baby, at middle numbers of revolutions he develops the all-side loved staemmigen US-V8-Beat, in order at high numbers of revolutions then into that Belcanto too expired, the lover of Italian engine folklore so much estimates.Of the Ferrari 328 differentiates  itself the Lancia 8,32 like Spaghetti Tartuffo of a heartful Pizza. One beds oneself into comfortable armchair, alternatively covered by Alcantara or leathers, and surrounds themselves with the Noblesse of an English countryseat, walnut-wainscot instrument panel also finely separated small round instruments and noble leather by the Italian Topprovider woman.

Thus that flows out almost unchanged Thema inside endig the smell of fine British way of life. It fits that he becomes recognizable by a modified radiator grille and the spoiler optically extendable by rotary button from the trunk lid only. This Gimmik does not bring instrumentation more drive, but at the steering wheel perceptible progress.That is not necessary also, because the Lancia is also without wings with maximum speed a remarkably safe and direction-stable vehicle, which can be only irritatedfrom transverse joints to something. And it holds an inestimable and almost priceless advantage: The Lancia 8,32 is the type most inconspicuous with distance to drive Ferrari.


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