In the Thema 8,32 one feels well. The thickly padded,

anatomically formed seats are a successful mixture from

comfortable seat comfort and structural stiffness. They provide for

comfort with each driving fashion and excellent side stop

of the passengers. The upholstery is in series from Alcantara,

when desired from handworks, genuine leather from

the nobleworkshop of "Poltrona Frau".


Likewise when desired and against surcharge can

over a lateral control console with four

keys the movements respective front seats be controlled

and the seat heating be switched on.

The exclusivity continues in the instrumenting. All

instruments such as odometers, tachometers,

cooling water thermometers, oil thermometers and oil manometers,

control system, engine function check and fuel gauge

are approximately arranged around the driver.

The display takes place similarly

on black, not reflect-reflecting that background.


The natural elegance is still strengthened by the natural

configuration. Instrument panel, steering wheel, middle file,

shift lever seal and Knauf as well as

hand brake handle seal are likewise with valuable,

handfinished leather of "Poltrona Frau" over Instrument

carriers, ashtray covers, cover cap

of the radio drawer, middle file and sections of the door lining

are from relating to crafts processed rootwood.


A vehicle, that as the technical challenge

of the 90's applies electrical window lifters already is with

a vehicle of this class and race a matter of course.

However the remote control for opening and closing the doors

may be still addressed as rare piece. Also

the disks from Solextra glass is

a special feature.


Also against surcharge could sucked. "intelligent

suspension"order becomes, with on the basis sensor

engineering the vertical spring travel, speed, turn,

rate of the steering wheel turn and the braking, which

is optimized electronically controlled monitoring system

of the suspension.

Also the driver can adjust the chassis by

push of a button sportily or comfortably.


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